CEB Elite Umpire Clinic in Prague was very successful

Saturday, September 13, 2014 |13:00 published at]

For the first time the Confederation of European Baseball has organised a clinic for their best umpires. 12 umpires participating in the Euro and five other high qualified umpires followed the clinic in Prague.

Major League Baseball sent Larry Young and the IBAF Gustavo Rodriguez as an instructor. They were assisted by Marco Screti (ITA).

In nine sessions of two hours the several parts of the 4-man mechanics, 3-man mechanics, rules and interpretations were handled on the field and in the classroom. Using video clips for getting the right result.

At the farewell diner, which was offered by Major League Baseball all the umpires received from CEB president Jan Esselman their certificate. Also the participants got a flash disc with a lot of information to use in their country. We see them as our ambassadors for the development of umpiring.

The participants were:
Heijningen, Henri van        NED
Groningen Schinkel, Stenar    NED
Moreno Saura, Jeronimo    ESP
Machiedo, Frane        CRO
Jankovic, Mojmir        SVK
Fabrizi, Fabrizio        ITA
Karlsson, Jerry            SWE
Pribyl, Frantisek        CZE
Kulhanek, David        CZE
Filippi, Silvano            ITA
Ramanauskas, Arnoldus    LTU
Makouchetchev, Serge        FRA

Non EC umpires
Berkvens, Winfried        NED
Tscharf, Oswald        AUT
Posny, Christian        GER
Manea, Chris            ROM
Richter, Vladimir        CZE

CEB’s umpire director Paul Bokern and Ludo Peeters member of CEB’s Umpire Commission were very satisfied. Working with umpires three days before the Euro, three days of talking, thinking and discussing about baseball is a good preparation of this important event. We had a very enthusiastic group, great instructors and good weather. “What do we need more” was Paul’s comment.